What We Do

We partner with organizations all over the world to serve children in a hospital setting. No one can ever prepare you for cancer. Our goal is to make things a little easier for children staying in the hospital. Our goal is to serve each & every state in the United States. Every hospital. We want to reach everyone. Hospitals can be very scary, especially for little kids. We originally started this with the goal of serving only children with cancer. But, because of what we do other departments have requested that we work with them. (We don’t turn anyone down that wishes to receive items to give to the children to make their stay a little more comfortable)

We started out by giving handmade ornaments, we wanted to share Christmas with others. Since the hospitals try to respect the religions of the patients & because there is such a vast audience. We weren’t allowed to do anything religious. For each holiday we did the following: (We wanted them to feel like they were still a part of something)

    Valentine’s Day sacks for Valentine’s Day so that the children could collect their Valentine’s
    St. Patrick’s day necklace’s made out of construction paper
    Bunny ears made out of construction paper for the children to wear, plus eggs for an Easter egg hunt
    Mother’s day cards made out of origami paper
    Father’s day cards made out of origami paper
    Independence day hats made out of construction paper
    Halloween masks on sticks for the children to wear, plus Halloween sacks for them to collect treats
    Turkey’s made out of construction paper for them to hang in their rooms
    Christmas cards, handmade ornaments for a tree, And, toys for the children

We have installed rounders filled with greeting cards, for the families going through cancer so that they can select a greeting card for whatever occasion that they need a card. We have done arts & crafts with the children. Colored Disney pins for them to wear, made finger puppets, colored kindness rocks, made jewelry for the patients, bags for the patients, put together “busy books” (coloring pages w/crayons)

Courage Bracelets

Our organization started 10 years ago when I lost my sister to cancer. I gave her children “Courage bracelets”, they were ages 7 & 8 at that time. Because they were so brave. I made one for my sister but she couldn’t wear it. Because of all of the machine’s that she was hooked up to. My niece & nephew split up the courage bracelet made up of beads between them. They claimed that they were going to be brave for their mother. It’s crazy to think that something so small would make such a big impact. I don’t know how they did it, but they went to every appointment with my sister. They would even sleep at the foot of her bed, they just wanted to be with her. They couldn’t get to her because of all of the machines. The term “Visiting hours” did not apply to them. The nurses were especially kind & wonderful. Nurses always are, but this time they didn’t make a fuss at anything. After my sister finally died, (she fought a good fight) I inherited her children. They suggested that we start making courage bracelets for children going through cancer. And, their families. That is how it all started.

Courage bracelets are typically given to children in a hospital setting. The children receive beads every time that they do something brave. (give blood, get a shot, or receive chemotherapy) Then they turn in the bracelets for prizes from the prize closet.

Hygiene Bags

We assemble hygiene bags for the homeless, battered women, as well as for sexual assault survivors. The bags are typically filled with shampoo, soap, conditioner, a toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash. When sexual assault victims arrive at the hospital they are at the crime scene. They are not allowed to shower until after they have been “processed”. We wanted the hospitals to have the hygiene bags on hand so these ladies/men would not have to wait to shower. We supply these to any hospital that will take them.

Hygiene bags for women in battered women’s shelters-these women typically show up at the shelter with just the clothes on their backs. I admire their courage for leaving. That takes a lot. These hygiene bags can help someone feel better.

Hygiene bags for the homeless-these bags are sometimes can be life-changing. People are homeless for different reasons. If they lose a job, have a fire, if they are a Veteran & they just can’t seem to get acclimated back into society. The hygiene bags can help someone get a new job, or just make them feel better. Sometimes the homeless are able to pull themselves out of what they are in if they could just get through where they are. The next time that you have trial sizes of shampoo, conditioner, soap, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste or mouthwash, please consider donating to a homeless or battered women’s shelter.

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